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Why is e-Learning Crucial for Enterprises in 2023?

    Why is e-Learning Crucial for Enterprises in 2023?

    It’s 2023 and e-learning is increasingly becoming a hot topic in the field of HR, and never more so since nearly every industry has rapidly shifted to a remote working model. With businesses beginning to invest more in their employees’ learning and development, the question of e-learning for up-skilling and re-skilling employees is a growing trend you can’t afford to ignore.

    Learning management systems are an extremely popular tool for delivering digital learning to employees because they offer a centralized hub that L&D and training experts, as well as the HR team, can use for knowledge management and providing relevant training. Because of the growing trend towards e-learning over traditional courses, increasing numbers of enterprises are moving in the direction of using learning management systems to keep their employees engaged.

    But why, exactly, do you need to invest in digital learning as part of your employee engagement strategies, and what benefits does using a learning management system offer? Let’s take a look.

    Improves Employee Engagement

    According to Gallup, highly engaged teams show 21% more profitability than their less-engaged peers. We already know that keeping employees happy is the key to improving engagement, and studies show that having career advancement opportunities through training and development is a major part of employee morale.

    With that in mind, learning management systems can enhance employee engagement by giving them the tools, knowledge, and skills they need to improve in their current job role or work towards a promotion. With 87% of Millennial employees considering job development opportunities important at work, offering digital training and learning opportunities can make the difference between engaged employees and ones who are at risk of leaving the company.

    Reduces Employee Turnover

    With research showing that 33% of professionals cite boredom as the top reason why they’re changing jobs, investing in continuous learning and training for your employees is vital to reducing employee turnover. Not only does losing employees have a significant financial impact on enterprises, but poor talent management and retention can lead to reduced productivity and low employee morale.

    Investing in e-learning gives your employees the ability to learn everything they need to grow and develop in their careers, whether their goal is to stay in their current position or be promoted to management within your enterprise.

    Sets Employees Up For Success

    On-boarding is a vital part of an employee’s experience in your company, and, as you’re probably well aware, it takes time for an employee to ramp up to their full potential.

    Using an e-learning environment as part of your onboarding process can result in improved efficiency as it guides employees through learning what they need to know. Introducing learning automation in this way can be massively beneficial, particularly as employees then have a digital environment where they know they can access all the training and development they need to succeed.

    Cheaper than Traditional Learning

    Why is e-Learning Crucial for Enterprises in 2023?

    While there’s still a place for classroom learning and traditional training courses, particularly in industries where face-to-face training is important for skills assessment, e-learning is significantly cheaper and takes less time to complete. Studies have shown that digital learning via a learning management system is just as effective as instructor-led training, so e-learning offers the same benefits as traditional learning without the same cost or time restrictions.

    A big reason for this is that digital learning doesn’t require that employees have to leave the office to learn, and they can work with their managers to schedule learning time around their responsibilities. Because of this, using an LMS can offer faster workforce training and flexible learning management for your employees.

    Better Analysis and Measurement

    One of the biggest issues HR faces in talent management is that it’s often difficult to quantify an employee’s skills and knowledge. Using a learning management system can offer a better way of understanding what employees know and what they need support with, making data analytics in HR significantly easier.

    With a learning management system, you can see who has completed what available modules, who is struggling with the available training, and who your best performers are. It gives you greater insight into employees’ skill sets, so you’re better able to apply those employees to job roles or responsibilities that will improve their performance.

    Not only that but learning management systems also make it easier for managers in your enterprise to address an employee’s learning and development needs during performance reviews. By using admin portals and dashboards, managers can quickly see how employees are progressing, and they can use this information to get a better understanding of how an employee has performed in the last review period.

    Coursy Learning Management System

    If your employee engagement strategies include introducing an e-learning system for knowledge management, then look no further than Coursy. With our learning management system, it’s easy to create customized training and development courses and distribute them to the employees and managers who need them.

    With a wide range of learning options, such as time-limited tests for employees, reports, analytics, and many other training process management functions, Coursy’s automated learning platform can help managers, training, L&D, and HR alike. You can also easily track how well your employees are doing, and easily get notified if employees are either not completing their mandatory training or aren’t performing as well as expected.

    Coursy isn’t just a personalized learning management system but also provides faster workforce training, improved efficiency, and better analysis and measurement.

    To learn more about Coursy and how our solution can help you introduce e-learning to your enterprise, get in touch with us! If you are not ready to chat just yet, continue to some amusing learning and training memes 🙂