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Deciding Between Useful and Enjoyable Training Strategy

    Deciding Between Useful and Enjoyable Training Strategy

    Five tips that help you create more meaningful learning solutions

    Do more online courses mean more learning? Unfortunately, no.

    Completing and liking any (online) course does not mean we learned something or will use the knowledge later on. More learning events do not automatically mean improved performance.

    By meaningful learning solutions, we consider the ones that also support learning in the flow of work and improve someone’s performance. But it is easier to say than do.

    Following is the list of principles we have found useful in designing learning solutions:

    1. Do not design to just please the learner. Instead, find out what is needed and support deeper learning. Even if it is not all fun and easy.

    2. Choose the right format and approach for each performance goal. Not the one that is preached as “this year’s must-have”, but the one that solves the problem your organization has. Trends come and go. The joy of the next toy might not be the solution you need, although it might be tempting.

    3. Structure and chunk well, so that the learning resource is (also) usable in a moment of need, not just as a one-time learning event. Recall, retention, and using it in a workflow improves implementation.

    Deciding Between Useful and Enjoyable Training Strategy

    4. Collect meaningful learner and stakeholder feedback which helps in decision-making. Often Likert-type happy sheets right after the training do not provide much useful data. Distinctive questioning gives more actionable data and better input for solution design.

    5. Pilot and test early and often. Test the idea and prototype together with your real learners. Early found mistakes are easily fixable and aren’t costly.

    In case you would like to know more about this topic or need support in creating online learning solutions, feel free to contact Tuuli Perolainen.

    In case you need an LMS for the organization, contact Marko Vene.

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