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Three components of an effective e-learning

    By Marko Vene

    When applying technology in learning, there is a growing realization that learning is less about information and more about communication.

    Three components of an effective e-learning

    It leads us to another important aspect of learning: interaction. Learning takes place in the interaction between a person, the environment, and a person’s behavior.

    The essence of learning is much more complicated of course, but reflection and interaction are the two most important parts of it. Understanding learning gives us hints, on how best to manage the learning process to achieve improved performance at work.

    Three components of an effective e-learning

    In developing e-learning there is a temptation to start with the technology and let what it provides drive the design of programs. Especially when technology, let’s say an LMS, has all the bells and whistles. So we can easily let ourselves carry away from a technological marvel. But should we?

    Find the balance

    Educationally, as we already argued, it would be better to begin by considering the learners and what is to be learned and then design technology to support learning. Technology is there to enable learning and to improve the learning experience. So, the key question is: can it make learning work better? If not, it doesn’t matter how smart the technology is or how many features it has, it’s just not appropriate.

    Three components of an effective e-learning

    Good e-learning, as Kenneth Fee says, is a combination of technology that works, meaningful content, and effective learning design. These three components complement one another and need to be carefully combined: the design needs to make the most of the content, and the technology needs to enable both the content and the design if it is to work.

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