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NEMC Use Case: Virtually Helping Save Lives
NEMC Use Case: Virtually Helping Save Lives

NEMC Use Case: Virtually Helping Save Lives

North Estonian Medical Center uses Coursy’s digital tools to efficiently create, administer, and deliver learning solutions to its thousands of employees

The challenge

1. No overview of employees’ learning needs and the right approaches to support their self-development (on-site instructor-led training mainly)

2. Lacked the knowledge of learning results: are employees learning and what impact does it have

Automation Boosts Efficiency

In a situation where there are few resources and high labor turnover Coursy eliminated inefficiencies, NEMC faced administering training to thousands of employees. By adopting new digital tools, we enabled NEMC to automate new employee onboarding and training processes, blend digital content and classroom activities (resuscitation training), and introduce effective reporting and feedback procedures. The content produced with Coursy’s integrated tools enabled NEMC to offer skills development programs around core concepts (understanding the impact of medical achievements) and soft topics (leveraging Microsoft Teams to create workplace efficiencies).

What did NEMC gain with Coursy?

  1. Replaced on-site instructor-led training with e-learning
  2. Department, role, and level-based training administration
  3. Training materials are available for employees at any time and place
  4. Send instructions to all employees with just one click
  5. Overview of training results and progress tracking
  6. Real-time training feedback
  7. User-friendly testing and certification for employees
  8. Integrated digital learning platform for all stakeholders

Working with Coursy, the North Estonia Medical Center saw immediate workforce productivity improvements and cost-efficiency increases in their employee training management.

NEMC Use Case: Virtually Helping Save Lives

“We were looking for the right learning management system for years. We needed to address how the Center provides online learning so that it was easier for our employees and target groups to complete. Ideally, we wanted a simpler software solution that covered online materials, physical on-site instructor led training and assessment.

We discovered and implemented Coursy, which enabled us to design, plan and deliver engaging training courses. Coursy’s solution has been reliable from the start, automating previously manual and complex tasks like on-boarding and planning trainings. We also found Coursy to be an incredible help for our Center during the heights of the COVID-19 outbreak.

It took us just one week from the contract to delivering the first course to all our employees after the COVID-19 outbreak. Coursy virtually helped saving lives.”

Kuldar Kiho
Head of Training Division, North Estonia Medical Center

Results and Impact at NEMC

26% Cost-savings

Realized due to efficient training management administration and delivery within 3 months of Coursy deployment

53% Productivity Increase

An average workforce productivity jumped due to our optimized software solution that solved many issues present in the previous solution

More Reach, Fast Delivery, and Improved Learning Process

The Center was capable of involving employees even before the training, delivering and tracking training to all ca 5,000 employees with just 1 week during the Covid-19 crisis, and drastically speeding up the overall learning process

About North Estonia Medical Center

The North Estonia Medical Centre is one of the top healthcare providers in Estonia. The hospital network consists of seven medical clinics and 32 specialist centers. Over the past year, the Medical Center provided specialized care to over 144,000 patients. The NEMC offers specialized care to all fields, excluding ophthalmology and obstetrics.


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