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Maxima Case Study: Digital Onboarding is Saving the Day
Maxima Case Study: Digital Onboarding is Saving the Day

Maxima Case Study: Digital Onboarding is Saving the Day

The Case Study was conducted with Heldi Sakkarias, Talent Manager of MAXIMA Estonia

MAXIMA is the largest retail chain in the Baltics, it employs in Estonia 3,500 people working in 83 stores. Its workforce consists of 15 nationalities, people having different religions and cultural backgrounds, aged from 14-year-old interns to 71-year-old seniors. As typical in the sector, the employee turnover is relatively high – 85%, amounting to about 200 employees leaving and coming each month.

From on-site to online

Before deploying Coursy, MAXIMA used to have onboarding training in the head office and other training locally on-site. It was expensive and time-consuming to train all new employees in the office. In some cases it was even impossible to get employees out of their workplaces for a day or two – store managers just didn’t allow it to happen. With local on-site training, it took 2-3 months to reach out to everyone, in some cases employees even left the company before being able to participate in the required training.

All this was combined with the hassle of planning and administering with Excel and Sharepoint. Then Covid19 hit.

“One of the advantages of
e-learning is that everyone can take their courses when they find a free moment”

Heldi Sakkarias

Necessary qualities of an LMS

MAXIMA started to search for a solution with a list of 20 LMS-s. After desk research, 6 were shortlisted and evaluated over several meetings. The main criteria for system selection were:

  1. Usability and UI – in a big company you have many instructors and trainers,
  2. Excellent customer support with direct access to the Product manager,
  3. Automated planning capabilities
  4. And last but not least – reasonable price considering all functionalities

There were other essential criteria as multiple language support and the capability to handle thousands of employees. After all the interviews and evaluations, Coursy was chosen as the preferred service provider.

“For us it was important that the system was intuitive to use, had fast support and was competitively priced”

Heldi Sakkarias

Digital onboarding saves the day

The most beneficial use cases for MAXIMA have been onboarding training, which is now digital and interactive. Different testing capabilities help to keep up the training quality. Most important is, that every learner can advance at their own pace. With all information in one system, it was possible to get better reporting information and it was possible to adjust and improve.

There are currently 32 different courses created, which is 60% of the total need. Coursebuilding is still a work in progress. Coursy authoring tool enables instructors to create training right in the system. There are different training materials for different user groups, for example, a sanitary worker has 6 courses,s and customer service staff 12.

“The number of trainees and the hours spent on courses has increased”

Heldi Sakkarias

Benefits and more benefits

Deploying Coursy delivered all the expected outcomes but also some unexpected extra benefits. 

First and foremost, MAXIMA was able to reduce onboarding training times from 2-3 months to 2-3 days when achieving 100% coverage. They were able to save up to 4 workplaces, reduce the number of company cars, and get 50% savings on hotel and travel costs. The important thing was the flexibility of training – instead of 5-8 hour training days, you could have several 0,5-hour bites of learning at the most suitable moments. All that was more or less expected and planned.

What was not expected was the possibility of unifying instructors’ knowledge, introducing collaboration across the departments when creating courses, and even improvements in work processes. It was easy to combine system automatizations with the work of mentors.

MAXIMA is truly proud of the digital tiger leap performed with the help of Coursy, as that 30% of employees who hadn’t touched computers before, started to use computers with Coursy. 

Suggestions to other Coursy customers

After the thorough implementation process, MAXIMA shared the following tips and tricks with other Coursy customers:

  1. Do not try to prepare all your courses before the launch. Instead, split the process into smaller pieces, start with a small pilot, and then add on. You will be learning while doing this.
  2. Use technically more capable mentors to support your instructors.
  3. Before launching a training program, test it with different representatives of your target group – young people, older ones, men, and women – you will get valuable feedback and a better final result.
  4. Appoint always a person responsible but encourage cross-department teamwork when producing courses.
  5. Use your own respected and well-known employees as actors in video training.
  6. When launching such a company-wide initiative, design a good communication program before and during the change. In MAXIMA’s case, an excellent launch video with stakeholder interviews and a general manager address was created.

All-in-all, implementing Coursy was a major breakthrough for MAXIMA Estonia. Heldi Sakkarias compared it to jumping from using horses to using robots.

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