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The Only LMS that Focuses on Learning Transfer

Coursy LMS consists of two sides

Managing training has never been easier with Coursy’s Admin Side, which streamlines the entire process for you. On the Learner Side, you’ll find a user-friendly experience that puts the power of skills development in your hands, no matter where you are or what device you’re using. Don’t just take our word for it — our users range from tech-savvy millennials to senior citizens aged 80 and beyond!

Advanced admin side

Coursy is the perfect solution for managing complex training processes. Our advanced admin side provides L&D and training professionals with a comprehensive set of tools to create and manage training programs with ease.

  • Create content directly within the system. Ability to assign multiple certificates to a single course
  • Design sophisticated learning programs with ease. Supports all types of learning – from instructor-led to online and virtual. The versioning and high degree of control over the configuration of structure and content ensures that your training program is always up-to-date and relevant
  • Auto-assign courses based on organizational structure and other rules. You can use additional planning tools such as the training matrix and training calendar to ensure that your employees stay on track
  • Get a complete overview of employee training with just one click with our learning intelligence
  • Achieve better results with talent development add-ons, such as 360-degree feedback, performance reviews, and task lists
  • Group employees by the hierarchy at the department, job role, or level
  • Use several sources and assessment tools to understand their learning needs and validate skill capabilities. Our different assessment methods offer many configuration options such as randomized questions, time limits for answering, and hints
  • Evaluate your training program with our built-in feedback tool which can be used within or outside of the training structure
  • Create multiple portals for separate enterprises or business units
  • Provide different levels of administrative access through system roles and privileges
The Only LMS that Focuses on Learning Transfer
The Only LMS that Focuses on Learning Transfer

Easy and convenient learner side

Coursy’s learner side makes it easy for your employees to access and complete their training. Once a learning plan with required and optional courses is in place, employees can access the learner side to:

  • Take assigned learning such as compliance training
  • View the learning catalog with optional courses and add them to their learning path
  • Enroll in physical or virtual instructor-led training
  • Capture external training data, including requested and completed training
  • View their learning history
  • Download certificates course-by-course
  • Add license points obtained and link them with their job role license
  • Managers can monitor the learning paths of each team member, assign training to individuals, and approve external training through the manager’s area

To ensure that your team stays on track, Coursy’s automatic and customizable email notification system sends notifications and reminders to employees when they have courses to complete. This helps ensure that everyone takes the necessary actions on time.

The learner side is designed to be easily customizable with your branding and user-friendly on all devices, including desktop and mobile.

Powerful LMS features

When it comes to training, Coursy has everything you need to succeed. Our system includes a robust content creator, extensive automation capabilities, and a wide range of talent development add-ons that allow you to create a customized, comprehensive training experience that delivers real results.

Content Creator

Create content quickly at no additional charge. Comes with 40 interactive content types (incl. interactive video, virtual tours, branching scenarios, and more). Supports SCORM and xAPI.

Automation for your mandatory courses

Auto-assign courses to employees with enrollment rules. System support rules based on company hierarchy, working since, etc.

Secure login to all of your users

Make the portal accessible to white- and blue-collar workers. ID-card, mobile-ID, or smart-ID login. SSO (single sign-on) is possible.

Learner side in the language your people speak

Use the learner side in your preferred language. You get Estonian, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and others.

Paper protocols gone

Forget messing with old-fashioned paper protocols. A unique digital signature feature within a back end to confirm participation in ILT/vILT (endorsed by Craig Weiss).

Proof of learning when you need it

Sleep peacefully – you have a complete overview. Data is tracked by learner, content, and learning path. You can view license reports, use filters, and more.

Business hierarchy with separate tenants

Manage multiple tenants/portals under one account (aka parent-child relationship). Each tenant can add their end users and content.

Employee development and customer education or partner learning with one system

Distribute or sell courses to a wider audience, using e-commerce. A skinned solution on a custom domain, with a logo and colors to match your company’s brand identity.

Integrate Coursy LMS with your existing system

Whether you need to connect with your HR system, ERP, or other third-party applications, we’ve got you covered. We are constantly adding new APIs to our selection, so if you don’t see the integration you need just let us know

Implement quickly

We are always working closely with our clients. Integration, data migration, training, and tips on managing change are essential parts of every implementation. Average implementation time: 1 month.

If you currently do not have a training process in place, we can assist you with creating one.

Additional services to get the best results

Learning content development

Content is a key component and needs to be carefully developed to be meaningful. We provide content tailored to the company’s needs or chosen from a rich library.

Learning Design

The design brings together the technology and the content,  as well as adding something of its own. We help to make the most of the content with effective learning design.

Advisory and Consulting

Success in digital learning depends on many critical factors. We provide advisory and consulting on training process establishment (incl. transfer of learning), e-learning strategy development, and change management.

The Only LMS that Focuses on Learning Transfer

North Estonia Medical Centre implemented Coursy within a week to deliver courses to 5,000 employees during the first Covid outbreak.

Discover Coursy: The ideal LMS for first-time users and those seeking more from their current system.

“Coursy saved BFAA thousands of hours. The solution had the sophistication to meet the needs of BFAA when providing compliance training to our employees.”

— Baltic Financial Advisors Association is an organization to license financial service professionals who must comply with proficiency requirements to provide investment advice and/or insurance services