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How to engage learners in a virtual learning environment?

    How to engage learners in a virtual learning environment?

    Engaging learners in a virtual learning environment is one of the biggest challenges training leaders face today.

    We asked our good partner, educator and instructional designer Veronika Tuul, to write down 10 things that help attract learners:


    Activating the learner’s previous experience and involving him in the creation of learning content. This means that the learner is allowed to contribute with his practical experience. In digital learning, this means the use of various surveys and forums, and the creation of co-creation learning materials.


    Visualization of results and learning journey. The learner is supported by functionality that shows how much of the e-course has been completed and how much still needs to be completed.


    Focusing on the learner’s strengths and opportunities. The learner is supported by tasks that help bring out the resources that are hidden in them and in the created learning situation.

    How to engage learners in a virtual learning environment?


    The possibility of creating a personal learning journey. The learner is supported if technological opportunities are created for them to create his learning journey.


    Personal learning environments. Technological possibilities that support the creation of a learner’s learning environment and also the planning of professional development make learning visible.


    Designing a successful experience about learning. Giving feedback and recognition to the learner. Very good results have been achieved with technological possibilities, where the learner is given automatically formative feedback and personalized messages in the e-learning environment.


    Ensuring social support and encouraging learners. The study guide and easy-to-find contacts in case of problems allow the learner to find solutions on their own in difficult situations.


    Adding gamification elements to learning. The game creates positive emotions and engages learners of all ages. Quizzes and case-based role plays in real work situations can be used as a game.

    How to engage learners in a virtual learning environment?


    Availability of content regardless of device. If the learning opportunity is at the distance of a smartphone, learning can take place regardless of time and location.


    Appropriate use of visuals and illustrations. The picture has a great impact, interactive drawings, and photos hold the learner’s interest more than only text-based learning content.

    Interested in creating engaging learning content? Feel free to contact Veronika Tuul.

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