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Coursy LMS (Learning Management System)

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Coursy LMS (Learning Management System)

LMS for enterprise

Increase Efficiency Through Digital Learning

What sets Coursy apart? Our industry-leading cost-to-feature ratio. We offer a wide range of features at a price that makes sense for businesses of all sizes.

Coursy LMS (Learning Management System)

Coursy LMS (Learning Management System)

“For us it was important that the system was intuitive to use, had fast support and was competitively priced”

Lea Kimber is Head of HR at Maxima

Trusted by the leading organizations in the region

Coursy LMS has applications across a wide spectrum of organizations, spanning healthcare, retail, telecom, manufacturing and many others.

We are happy to serve clients like: A. Le Coq, Alexela, Apollo Group, Bauhof, BFAA, BTA, Coop, Coop Pank, DPD, Estonian Energy, Elisa, ETS Nord, East-Tallinn Central Hospital, K&V Bailiffs, Tallinn Children’s Hospital, EANS, Liwathon E.O.S., West-Tallinn Central Hospital, Magnum, Maxima, Nefab Packaging, Nordecon, Onninen, North-Estonia Medical Centre, Puhastusekspert, Postimees, ProBro, RegiLaw, Meliva, Scandagra, Reitan Convenience, Seesam, Selver, Simeon, SMIT, Stell, Tallinn Airport, Tarmetec, VKG

Coursy LMS (Learning Management System)

Advanced solution

Our administration side covers all the needs for an effective workflow.

From creating training materials and auto-assigning courses to add-ons for 360-degree feedback, performance reviews, task lists, and much more.

Easy and convenient learner side makes it easy for your employees to access and complete their training.

The learner side is designed to be easily customizable with your branding and user-friendly on all devices, including desktop and mobile.

Coursy LMS (Learning Management System)

Businesses of all sizes use Coursy for their digital learning needs

Coursy is ideal for two types of organizations:

Firstly, for those who are new to the world of digital learning and do not have any Learning Management System (LMS) in place.

Secondly, for those who are already using an LMS like Moodle or TalentLMS, but are dissatisfied with its functionality and seeking an improved alternative.

Coursy LMS (Learning Management System)

“Overall, comparing Coursy to Moodle and our group LMS, it is still very much a step forward, innovative, helpful and easy to use.”

Annika from DPD

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