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DPD Case Study: More Effort Into Producing Great Content
DPD Case Study: More Effort Into Producing Great Content

DPD Case Study: More Effort Into Producing Great Content

Annika Oruaas is DPD Estonia’s Member of the Management Board, HR, and Sustainability Manager, HR Baltic lead

DPD Eesti is part of the international company DPD Group, which is part of the French group La Poste. One of the challenges in the industry is high staff turnover, it can be up to 45% for couriers and 100% for sorting center employees.

Moodle didn’t work out

Previously DPD used Moodie for training (work processes, compliance, and health and safety). However, this system was big and complicated to use, DPD couldn’t utilize all its functions, and it took a lot of effort for admins to learn the system.

The last drop in the bucket was certain security issues with Moodle, which would have incurred additional costs and resources and led DPD to look for a cloud-based system and decide to start using Coursy.

“The biggest improvement was on the admin side – it was much more intuitive than Moodle.”

Annika Oruaas

From paper to digital

The main use case for DPD is the digitalization and automation of all employee training, starting from onboarding new employees, to work safety, and compliance. Gradually all training and instructions will be digitalized.

“The benefit of using Coursy is that our HR team can put more effort into producing great content rather than spending time on manual admin and control tasks.”

Annika Oruaas

Coursy has many benefits

The main benefit of using Coursy is easier administration. DPD is happy with the built-in authoring tool, everyone can build more interesting, interactive courses, and it is easy to produce materials in multiple languages.

Integrated H5P elements enable learning content engaging. Integration with the HR software enables to update the of employee information automatically, and process automation reduces many tasks, that so far were done manually. Logging in by authenticating with either ID-card, mobile-ID or Smart-ID enables us to fulfill the compliance requirements of mandatory trainings.

Coursy learner portal is easy and fun to use. Employees with different skills and backgrounds can use the system with no complaints.

 DPD is looking forward to the new reporting module and optional course feature development. 

“Competitive products were too dry and official looking for DPD. Coursy admin and user side design looks good and is easy to use.”

Annika Oruaas

Useful on different fronts

DPD IT department is happy with the secure ID-card/ Smart-ID/ Mobile-ID login system and with the fact that they do not need to worry about software updates.

The HR department can now concentrate on value-adding activities, no need to chase signatures, and time isn’t wasted on sending reminders to employees – all this is done automatically by Coursy.

For employees, the benefits start with onboarding. All mandatory courses are in one place and DPD definitely wants to significantly increase the optional content for employee development, like e-books, podcasts, and others.

“Client support is always there and our questions get answered quickly.”

Annika Oruaas

DPD also likes the fast and responsive customer support. They value the possibility of discussing the product roadmap with Coursy’s Product Manager.

What to suggest to other Coursy customers?

Having implemented Coursy, DPD has some useful suggestions for other Coursy customers.

Implementing a new system requires a structured approach, therefore a good project plan is needed with defined objectives, tasks, and responsibilities clearly stated. In the case of DPD, a total of 15 people were initially involved, of whom about 5 were and are still responsible for producing learning content.

“IT department is happy there aren’t any security holes and software is always up-to-date.”

Annika Oruaas

 DPD definitely recommends the integration with the HR software, to automate information exchange and set up automated training courses for newcomers.

DPD strongly suggests using Coursy for onboarding, especially for companies with higher staff turnover numbers.

All things considered, DPD is happy to use Coursy and plans to integrate the system even more into its work processes, especially the optional material part.

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