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LMS Case Studies

Companies use Coursy LMS for onboarding, employee training, customer education, and partner learning

Case Studies


LMS for Insurance

BTA was seeking an LMS with strong capabilities in automating recurring tasks, outstanding customer support, and availability in local languages.


LMS for Retail

The adoption of our LMS by Coop highlights the transformative impact of digital learning in improving workforce efficiency, promoting employee development, and securing a competitive advantage in the retail industry.

Case Studies
Case Studies


LMS for Telecom

Elisa’s successful implementation of Coursy as their learning management system has automated their learning tasks, providing employees with easy access to high-quality training materials.


LMS for Retail

The most beneficial use cases for MAXIMA have been onboarding training, which is now digital and interactive. Various testing capabilities help to keep up the quality of training. Most important is, that every learner can advance at their own pace.

Case Studies
Case Studies


LMS for Logistics

The main use case for DPD is the digitalization and automation of all employee training, starting from onboarding new employees, to work safety, and compliance. Gradually all training and instructions will be digitalized.

North Estonia Medical Center

LMS for Healthcare

By adopting new digital tools, NEMC was able to automate onboarding and training processes, blend digital content and classroom activities, and introduce effective reporting and feedback procedures.

Case Studies