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BTA Case Study: Effective Learning Transfer via Automation
BTA Case Study: Effective Learning Transfer via Automation

BTA Case Study: Effective Learning Transfer via Automation

Kārlis Kirilko is Learning and Development Manager

BTA Insurance, a prominent player in the insurance sector, grappled with inefficiencies in its learning and development (L&D) initiatives. Karlis, the seasoned L&D Manager at BTA, brought his seven-year experience to the table, having previously dealt with the complexities of Moodle spread across six platforms.

BTA Case Study: Effective Learning Transfer via Automation
Ugne Ziogelyte, Learning And Development Specialist at BTA

Making a choice

In the face of challenges such as a lack of centralized overview, manual licensing management, and limited accessibility, BTA started to look elsewhere. In the process, Karlis had tested Coursy separately but to get a more comprehensive market overview, turned to Smart HR for alternatives.

After some consideration, the decision was made and Coursy ticked all the necessary boxes. From automated licensing to team training using recorded sessions and comprehensive newcomer onboarding through BTA Academy, the platform streamlined diverse learning needs.


The implementation journey, however, wasn’t without its nuances. What initially appeared to be a straightforward transition took longer than anticipated. Yet, the end result was a centralized learning hub that significantly reduced reliance on spreadsheets and administrative workload.

When finalizing the agreement, we opted for all the additional modules provided by Coursy. In hindsight, a more logical approach would be to begin with the fundamental product and gradually incorporate essential modules as needed. The onboarding process will provide a better understanding of your specific requirements, and implementing crucial functionalities will be more seamless and efficient.

Kārlis Kirilko
BTA Case Study: Effective Learning Transfer via Automation
Ildze Pravorne, Learning And Development Specialist at BTA

The benefits

Centralization of learning resources meant everything was accessible in one place. Automation eased administrative tasks, providing more time for strategic initiatives. Enhanced accessibility allowed employees to engage with learning materials from any device and location, fostering flexibility. Managers, who previously lacked visibility into employee training progress, could now easily monitor and track development. Additionally, while many international competitors offer solutions primarily in major global languages, BTA required that the platform also support display in Baltic languages, a feature that Coursy provided.

We were pleasantly surprised by the support service. The response time is within a maximum of two days, which is exceptionally fast. The customer service representatives are thorough in their explanations, addressing all our inquiries promptly, even when we had numerous questions.

Kārlis Kirilko

Coursy’s support team played a crucial role in the success story. Their responsiveness, providing clear explanations within a maximum of two days, contributed to a smooth implementation process. These kinds of timeframes were a big surprise for the BTA team since larger international competitors tend to react rather in weeks than days.

Suggestions for others

Lessons learned from the experience include the importance of clearly defining needs, involving all stakeholders from the beginning for shared understanding, and considering a gradual implementation approach, starting with the core product.

BTA Case Study: Effective Learning Transfer via Automation
Kārlis Kirilko is a L&D Development Manager


BTA Insurance’s adoption of Coursy marked a transformative journey in L&D management. The centralized platform, automation features, environment in local languages, and responsive support significantly enhanced the learning experience for employees and streamlined administrative processes.

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