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Motivating Employees to Learn: 4 Proven Ways

    Motivating Employees to Learn: 4 Proven Ways

    The fact is that learning new skills is essential to business success.

    Employees who do so can improve their work, make fewer mistakes, and become even more productive. However, your job as a manager or company leader doesn’t stop at providing learning opportunities.

    You should also motivate your employees to continue learning.

    After all, we’ve already emphasized the importance of learning design: it makes learning more impactful, efficient, and interesting by creating a systematic learning process and a more conducive learning environment.

    That said, you may be wondering how to start motivating your employees to keep learning new skills. Here are a few ways to start.

    1. Create a productive learning environment

    Motivating Employees to Learn: 4 Proven Ways

    For office-going employees a productive learning environment motivates them to increase their knowledge, as it helps them feel that they’re fully supported and comfortable. One way to create such an environment is to incorporate ergonomics in the workplace.

    Ergonomic equipment, like desk converters and dividers, provides comfort to workers as they complete tasks. The best standing desk converters ensure comfort by allowing employees to work at their preferred height by switching between standing or sitting when they’re learning.

    Meanwhile, quality desk privacy panels prevent noise from reaching one desk to another, eliminating distractions to learning. By improving employee comfort in the workplace accordingly, they’re more likely to want to work more and learn those new skills.

    2. Offer coaching or mentorship opportunities

    Motivating Employees to Learn: 4 Proven Ways

    Employees with a coach or mentor are more motivated to learn because they can receive one-on-one guidance, quick answers to burning questions, and immediate feedback. It also enables them to look up to an experienced professional in their field, showing them that they can achieve the same status through improvement.

    That’s why providing coaching or mentorship opportunities is a must. To find a mentor for your employees, assess their needs first. If one employee seeks to learn the ropes of tasks specific to your company, they’ll be better with a senior employee from the same department.

    Otherwise, there are external mentors and coaches for hire. These professionals have the basics and specifics of a job. For instance, coaches can teach leadership lessons if an employee wants to move to a manager position. Overall, having coaching opportunities gives employees the inspiration they need to keep learning.

    3. Recognize your employees’ achievements

    Motivating Employees to Learn: 4 Proven Ways

    Rewarding employees who reach goals and achievements using their new skills motivates them to continue learning. Recognition shows them that your business appreciates and values their efforts, encouraging them to do even better moving forward. To do this, consider using an employee recognition system.

    You can also acknowledge employee accomplishments by giving them a short message after a meeting to display appreciation. Ultimately, recognizing employees inspires them to gain more knowledge because they’ll know that their hard work is seen.

    4. Show how employee skills contribute to business growth

    Motivating Employees to Learn: 4 Proven Ways

    Showing proof that employees’ learnings play a part in your company’s success increases their aspiration to continue up-skilling. Aside from getting recognition for their efforts, knowing that they’re making an impact on the business affirms their learnings are practical.

    You can achieve this by presenting how employees’ skills helped the company during quarterly reports. For example, explain how sales have increased after some employees learned new sales pitching or marketing skills. This way, employees know that their efforts aren’t going to waste.

    Employees who learn new skills increase their contributions to the company and improve their careers.

    Motivate them to keep learning with our tips above!

    Exclusively written for by Jasmine Stevens