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Unlocking Success: The Power of 360 Feedback

    Unlocking Success: The Power of 360 Feedback

    360 degrees of clarity for your workforce

    There are many advantages to utilizing a 360-degree survey when it comes to gaining a fuller picture of your people, where they are heading, and what gets them going. It is important now more than ever that employers and HR departments gain a strong understanding of their employee’s strengths and weaknesses to build stronger teams and future leaders within your ranks.

    What you need to know

    A 360-degree feedback survey allows you to not only see the big picture – the macro but the micro as well. The ability to pinpoint key areas for development is crucial to fostering a well-adapted workforce. In this article, we are going to be covering a few main points that you will want to discover with your team.

    Leadership abilities

    Unlocking Success: The Power of 360 Feedback

    One of the main focal points that you will want to center questions on is leadership qualities. Does the person we are discovering exhibit excellent leadership capabilities? Or are they stronger suited to be directed? The advantage that clarity from discovering leaders in your team allows you to plan accordingly.

    When you identify strong potential leaders within your organization, you will be far better prepared to invest in training them into stronger assets of tomorrow. This kind of insight is indispensable to effective long-term business planning

    Here are a couple of interview questions about leadership to get you started:

    • Who in your opinion is the natural leader of the team?

    • How do they handle team successes/failures?

    • How do they manage task delegation and decision-making?

    Interpersonal Skills

    Understanding your team’s dynamic will allow you to make far more accurate decisions from a Human Resources standpoint. 360-degree feedback surveys give you the chance to truly know how your people work together, and they also give your employees a means to report on the dynamics, which is extremely important.

    A team’s dynamic of work and communication is fundamental to its success.

    Here are some general questions to help get you started.

    • What difficulties are experienced in getting along with others?

    • Who is the strongest or weakest team player?

    • What attributes are shown that make them good team players?


    Unlocking Success: The Power of 360 Feedback

    You need to understand what motivates your team to provide an environment that allows them to be productive. You want to set your team up for success, and having insights into what motivates them is one of the most useful pieces of data that you can acquire to this end.

    You want to know what kind of goals your people are working towards, and how you can help them with that. Understanding how they define success will help you to determine how to reward them effectively.

    Ask your people what drives them, and assist them there. Your people are your biggest asset, so get creative and find out what fuels them and you can both get to where you want to be.

    Among other features Coursy has a dedicated module for 360-feedback. It’s used by many of our clients to get a good picture of their people. Seems interesting? Book a demo to see what value it can bring to your business.